Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam


With Monoqool, it’s within our DNA to be groundbreaking and to challenge the way glasses are made. By uniting innovative and high-tech production methods and intelligent design in our 3D-printed glasses, we have created a collection that will ensure you a perfect fit.

Super durable 3D-printed glasses in lightweight materials – made completely without soldering or screws!

We have made it possible for you to put together your own unique pair of 3D-printed glasses and frames that match your face and shape, color and size preferences.

Join the 3D movement and experience how 3D-printed glasses can make your everyday life easier.


Monoqools 3D-printed glasses are designed digitally in 3D, based on your shape, fit and style preferences. Then the designer transfers the file to our 3D printer, where polyamide powder is spread and hardened with a laser. The process is repeated layer-by-layer until the frame is finished. Finally, the glasses are polished and dyed to ensure a perfectly designed product that matches your personal expression.

The result is a unique set of ultra-light 3D-printed glasses. Take a look at our Slider series, for example. These glasses weigh just 4 grams, ensuring a comfortable fit. Or check out our cool 3D-printed sunglass collection, also made of lightweight, high-tech materials.