Flat Top

Flat Top






Wood is lighter, just as comfortable and one-of-a-kind, every time.  It is more eco-friendly, HIGHLY repairable and the hinges can be replaced in seconds

Loch recovers ancient old growth timbers that sunk during the Great Lakes logging boom and  transforms them into an exclusive collection of eyewear.

Wood is lighter, just as comfortable and one-of-a-kind, every time.  It is more eco-friendly, HIGHLY repairable and the hinges can be replaced in seconds

  • Lighter than plastic frame
  • Comfort spring hinges
  • 500+ year old Great Lakes recovered wood
  • Adjustable frame for hard to fit faces (as needed)
  • Lifetime Care Guarantee
  • Made in Canada



The journey of Loch began more than 500 years ago when North American forests were teeming with massive old-growth virgin timbers.  These unspoiled trees were harvested by our settlers during the logging boom and floated down the fast moving rivers to the Great Lakes; but not all survived the journey.

Sinking to the bottom they were preserved in the near zero oxygen environment, achieving unparalleled beauty, quality and character, while also increasing in strength. Undisturbed these timbers lay… until now.


Scuba diving to the bottom of the lake, the once lost timbers are recovered and, through a process born out of a desire for high-quality eco-fashion products, are transformed into exclusive sunglasses and prescription eyewear.

What’s a one-of-a-kind frame without equally impressive lenses?  Lochs are outfitted with high-clarity FDA approved polycarbonate lenses that are made in Japan.  Japan’s history with lenses is unprecedented – think Nikon and Canon.  Expect clarity, durability and cutting edge anti-glare performance.


Living in the same house was about the most common thing we shared growing up – we couldn’t be more different.  Dan was the creative dreamer and Tim was the passionate pragmatist.   Despite growing up more like mortal enemies than friends, as most brothers do, we found ourselves gravitating back to one another after spending years apart during university.  It was through our differences that we discovered a common goal to create products in a more authentic, meaningful manner.  To put people and the planet before profit.  Our differences have become our greatest strength in complementing one another throughout this adventure.

Much of our inspiration for Loch comes from the summers we spent on our grandparents’ island in Honey Harbour, Georgian Bay.  The island was in the family since the 1920’s and saw four generations enjoy its windswept beauty.  While Island 62 (Happy Heights) was sold due to rising maintenance costs, the love we have for the Great Lakes lives on in every pair of Loch frames.  If you purchase a pair of Lochs, there is a good chance that one of us helped craft them, so we guarantee that you will be totally satisfied.  In fact, we have worked for years on perfecting our frames for strength, comfort and sustainability. Only through endless attempts can we now offer you one of the best pair of shades you will ever own.  – Dan & Tim Waggoner