Ganeko Unit: Creative South Korean Eye Wear Now Available in Winnipeg

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Ganeko Unit

By Dr. Nadine Shelton Creative Modern, minimal, classy and wearable are what you can expect from the design team at Ganeko Unit. This novel South Korean eye wear brand has a growing foundation of collections since 2012. Genderless, Archive, Collaborations, Funk, and Modern Classic dot Ganeko Units’ growing frame collections.   Contemporary The design team at Ganeko Unit work with … Read More

Limited Paulino Spectacles Now Available in Winnipeg

Victor LopesFrames for Fashion


By Dr. Nadine Shelton Paulino Spectacles The brands we showcase at our optical, like Paulino Spectacles reflect who we are. Family owned, quality, small scale, unique and inspired by travel. Ramiro Paulino is the owner, designer and third generation eyewear family member who is committed to fine craftsmanship and style. The brand had its start in the 1930’s with Bernardo … Read More