Winnipeg’s Latest Humphrey Visual Field Testing

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visual field

by Dr. Nadine Shelton   Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer The Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer (HFA) is a tool for measuring the human visual field. Especially the detection from a single eye viewing area. A visual field test is used to measure how far you can see to the sides, up and down. It also tests the sensitivity of certain parts of … Read More

New Vinylize Glasses Now Available in Winnipeg

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By Dr. Nadine Shelton Vinylize Vinylize is an eye wear brand that links the deep culture of music to wearable art. A vinyl record is a material used in the making of every pair of their glasses. Which, makes them known to a growing number people. Vinylize glasses are built to last. They use a construction method consisting of using … Read More

Giving Back to Our Communities

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giving back

by Dr. Nadine Shelton   Giving Back Giving back Social and Environmental responsibility are important with us at nv. We applaud serious commitments to socially responsible actions. Giving back to the community in any form is good thing.  We also appreciate that not everyone cares about the same things in the same way. What’s important to us may not be important … Read More

Your Allergy & Treatment Tips for Your Irritated Eyes

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eye allergy

by Dr. Nadine Shelton Allergy and your irritated Eye Eye irritation from your allergy is a common problem that I see every year. Flowers and other pollen emitting plants are filling the air we breath each spring and summer.  Here are some tips to help treat and ease some common symptoms: Minimize your contact with known allergy triggers: avoid going … Read More

Treatment Tips for Dry Eye

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dry eye

by Dr. Nadine Shelton Dry Eye The feelings of scratchy eyes or tearing eyes are a couple of symptoms of dry eye, even though these seem like different problems. Other symptoms can include intermittent blurred vision, stinging eyes, red eyes and a sensation of heavy eyelids. Dry eye occur when the quantity or quality of your tears fails to keep … Read More

Fellow Earthlings Glasses Now Available in Winnipeg

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Fellow Earthlings

By Dr. Nadine Shelton Fellow Earthlings Eyewear: Made in Canada Fellow Earthlings satisfies the feel-good notion of supporting great quality, Canadian owned and one-of-kind handmade pieces. Husband and Wife team, Christopher and Sydney founded their own bespoke eyewear company after working in the industry internationally. They founded a different kind of eye wear company, when they returned home to the … Read More

nv Celebrating our 5 year anniversary in Winnipeg

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5 year anniversary

By Dr. Nadine Shelton Origins Join us in celebrating our 5 year anniversary. It was about this time five years ago that nv (Nadine and Victor) opened for business. Like most businesses starting out from scratch, had to negotiate a number of obstacles to get to where we’re now. From securing financing, a lease, equipment, space development and the task … Read More

AM Eyewear Glasses Now Available in Winnipeg

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AM Eyewear

By Dr. Nadine Shelton Origins Founded in Australia during 2003, AM Eyewear established an artisan approach to crafting exceptional eyewear – upscale daily staples for the fashion-conscious. Over the last 19 years, AM has matured into a global lifestyle brand. Each set of frames forms as an extension of a person; a personality with soul, and a life well beyond … Read More

Ganeko Unit: Creative South Korean Eye Wear Now Available in Winnipeg

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Ganeko Unit

By Dr. Nadine Shelton Creative Modern, minimal, classy and wearable are what you can expect from the design team at Ganeko Unit. This novel South Korean eye wear brand has a growing foundation of collections since 2012. Genderless, Archive, Collaborations, Funk, and Modern Classic dot Ganeko Units’ growing frame collections.   Contemporary The design team at Ganeko Unit work with … Read More

Limited Paulino Spectacles Now Available in Winnipeg

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By Dr. Nadine Shelton Paulino Spectacles The brands we showcase at our optical, like Paulino Spectacles reflect who we are. Family owned, quality, small scale, unique and inspired by travel. Ramiro Paulino is the owner, designer and third generation eyewear family member who is committed to fine craftsmanship and style. The brand had its start in the 1930’s with Bernardo … Read More