Pay it Forward

Social and Environmental responsibility are important to us at nv.

Our staff are encouraged to participate with a variety of charity fundraisers year-round.

Our products are carefully vetted to ensure the materials and methods of production follow guidelines that conform to the standards set by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and Canada Border Service Agency. It is important to know that what we carry and what you ultimately use from our shoppe be from a place that conforms to sound industry practices.

What matters to you?

We applaud serious commitments to socially responsible actions. Giving back to the community in any form is good thing.  

We also appreciate that not everyone cares about the same things in the same way. What’s important to us may not be important to you. 

To support both convictions, we’ve partnered with Canada Helps. Their wide reach solved the dilemma of how we can offer support outside our community and do it in a way that allows you to decide what’s important to you.

Make it count

With each optical purchase, you have the option to donate $20 or more via Canada Helps to any of the 85,000 recognized charities by the Canada Revenue Agency.  Example: Buy a $410 frame for $390 and donate the $20. 

To receive the discount you have to donate a minimum of $20. You will receive a receipt and a record of your donation which is tax deductible. Show us this receipt prior to making your final payment on your optical purchase and we will take off the $20. 

Don’t feel like giving or you give in other ways? Cool. We get it, but we can only add the discount when you donate via Canada Helps.

Recycling Program

Being an active member of our greater community, nv enjoys giving back through our year-round recycle program. Drop off your used or unused eye wear at our shop and your donation will go towards providing free vision care and eye wear to underprivileged individuals.


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