New in the World of Glasses

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Carson frame by Monoqool gives a bold statement Ponderosa green

by Dr. Nadine Shelton New in the world of glasses Most of us that wear glasses are familiar with the options involved when buying glasses. New technologies and innovations are emerging and making waves in the optical world. Here are a few things to consider when shopping that are new in the world of glasses. Transitions Lenses Lenses that react … Read More

Fellow Earthlings Eyewear: Made with Love in PEI

Victor LopesFrames for Fashion

Fellow Earthlings

By Dr. Nadine Shelton Fellow Earthlings Eyewear: Made in Canada Owning a pair Fellow Earthlings satisfies the feel-good notion of supporting great quality, Canadian owned and one-of-kind handmade pieces. Husband and Wife team, Christopher and Sydney founded their own bespoke eyewear company after working in the industry internationally. They founded a different kind of eye wear-company, when they returned home … Read More

Loch Effects Eyewear: Wood Frame Glasses from 500 year aged Timbers

Victor LopesFrames for Fashion

Loch shades

By Dr. Nadine Shelton LOCH Effects Eyewear: a Canadian enviro eyewear company Twin brothers Tim and Dan are the founders of Loch Effects Eyewear, an environmentally and stylish focused Canadian company that uses upcycled materials for their creations. Loch eyewear uses 500 year old aged timbers that have rested at the bottom of the Great Lakes until now. These logs … Read More

Paulino Spectacles: The art of handcrafted eye wear from Portugal

Victor LopesFrames for Fashion

Ramiro Paulino

By Dr. Nadine Shelton Paulino Spectacles The brands we showcase at our optical, like Paulino Spectacles reflect who we are. Family owned, quality, small scale, unique and inspired by travel. Ramiro Paulino, owner, designer and third generation eyewear family member who is commitmented to fine craftsmanship and style. The brand had its start in the 1930’s with Bernardo Paulino Pereira, … Read More

Eye Catching Nuptials

Victor LopesFrames for Fashion

AM eyewear “Habib”

By Dr. Nadine Shelton You wear glasses – Make your wedding dress and eye wear easy on your eyes Be glamorous. Be Bold. Whether you wear glasses or not, wow all around you with a perfect frame that fits you from head to toe. It’s your big day! As I see it, most who wear glasses without hesitation, despite the … Read More

Frames and Face Shapes: Heart

Victor LopesFrames for Fashion

Heart Shape Heart Shape faces are characterized by a larger/broader forehead and a pointy chin and narrow jaw line. The goal of frames with this face shape is to make the forehead appear narrower and make the jaw look wider. By selecting frames that angle more outward at the bottom such as Aviator or “bowtie shaped” style glasses, the beauty … Read More

Frames and Face Shapes: Narrow/ Long/ Oblong

Victor LopesFrames for Fashion

Narrow/ Long/ Oblong Narrow, Long or Oblong faces are characterized similar to the oval face shape. However, it has more length, less width, flatter cheek bones and tends to have a pointy chin. The aim of eye wear with this face shape is to try and shorten the look of the face by adding a statement to break up the … Read More

Frames and Face Shapes: Square

Victor LopesFrames for Fashion

Square Square faces are characterized by a broad forehead and strong jaw line where the width and length are about the same proportion. A frame look that is aesthetically pleasing by most others with the square face shape requires one to soften the angles of the face and make it look longer. This can be achieved by picking frames that are … Read More

Frames and Face Shapes: Round

Victor LopesFrames for Fashion

Round We continue our recommendation of frames for those with a ROUND face. A round face is characterized by having more gradual curving lines. Round is also defined where the width and length of the face appear to be about the same and there are no obvious angles to the face. In this case, the goal of the glasses is … Read More

Frames and Face Shapes: Triangle

Victor LopesFrames for Fashion

Triangle Now let’s look at a triangle or triangular shaped face. This face shape is best described with a forehead which is narrower and a face that widens at the cheeks and chin. Some celebrity examples here would be Jennifer Aniston and Keith Urban, see photos below. Being blessed with a triangle face shape; choose a frame to draw attention … Read More