Vinylize Glasses Now Available in Winnipeg

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By Dr. Nadine Shelton Vinylize Vinylize is eye wear brand that links the deep culture of music to wearable art. These glasses are uniquely adorned in-part with a vinyl record, making them recognizable to a growing number people. Vinylize glasses are built to last because of their reinforced acetate in its frame construction and over engineered hinges. The growing discerning … Read More

Monoqool 3D-Printed Glasses Now Available in Winnipeg

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By Dr. Nadine Shelton Monoqool Monoqool is ingrained with Danish simple design and produced out of their Danstruplund Estate. The beautiful natural scenery of North Copenhagen offers them a space to create glasses as the world comes to expect of Danish design heritage. Their pursuit of creating the perfect pair of glasses leads to happy customers. Contemporary Monoqool makes use … Read More

Eye Emergencies Outside of Business Hours

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Dr. Nadine Shelton Emergency eye wear replacement during the pandemic   Eye Emergencies  Red eyes, eye infections, scratched eyes, loss of vision, distorted vision, eye pain are examples of a eye emergency. Broken glasses that require repair or replacement are another good example of a common eye emergency. Call your optometrist to talk about your eye emergency before coming in, … Read More

Projekt Produkt: Novel South Korean Eye Wear Now Available in Winnipeg

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Produkt Projekt

By Dr. Nadine Shelton Nostalgic Modern, minimal, classy and wearable are what you can expect from the design team at Projekt Produkt. This novel South Korean eye wear brand has a growing foundation of collections spanning eight years to date. Genderless, Archive, Collaborations, Funk, Modern Classic, Glam, Shear Curiosity and several collaborations dot Projekt Produkts growing frame collections.   Contemporary … Read More

The Pain and Treatment for a Scratched Eye

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by Dr. Nadine Shelton Causes of a Scratched Eye A scratched eye, is most commonly the result of the outer surface of the cornea being scratched by an object or the effect of an abrasion. There are several instances where one can suffer from a scratched eye. As a parent, there has been a time where my child randomly poked … Read More