Loch Effects Eyewear: Wood Frame Glasses from 500 year aged Timbers

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By Dr. Nadine Shelton

Effects Eyewear
Loch Eyewear – wood from 500 year old Ontario timbers

LOCH Effects Eyewear: a Canadian enviro eyewear company

Twin brothers Tim and Dan are the founders of Loch Effects Eyewear, an environmentally and stylish focused Canadian company that uses upcycled materials for their creations. Loch eyewear uses 500 year old aged timbers that have rested at the bottom of the Great Lakes until now. These logs date back to the log driving days of the first Canadian settlers. The logs floated down rivers and eventually found their way into the Great Lakes. The ones that didn’t make it rested at the bottom of the lakes until being resurfaced by scuba divers and now used to make glasses.

Tim and Dan had a vision to create an environmentally friendly product with impact, having spent many of their childhood years in the Georgian Bay area. The oxygen deficient environment is the advantage of using these aged timbers which, makes them have exceptional strength and durability. After a lengthy prototyping period, Tim and Dan have perfected their design and offer a completely Canadian handcrafted product that you will be proud to wear.

Loch Effects Eyewear
Scuba diver retrieving raw material used in Loch Eyewear

Advantages of wood eyewear

Eyewear made from wood is very lightweight, comfortable and on trend. The heat adjustable advantage LOCH eyewear has, increases the comfort while wearing them. Wood appeals to the beholder and can be easily discerned from a distance. No two pairs of LOCH eyewear are alike. For example RX1 is a classic rectangular shape that will complement most any face shape whereas the RX 21 is a bolder cat-eye that will compel most to linger their gaze to fully understand the cool glasses they are seeing.

LOCH makes optical and sunglasses frames with a spectrum of shape, colour and style options to match your tastes. To add flexibility, they offer a few different size options amongst the shapes, making it easy to customize the frames to your face shape and each frame comes with a 2 year warranty. You can expect quick and easy service as LOCH is a proud Canadian company based next door to us, in Ontario.

Come into nv eye care & eye wear and try on a piece of Canada with these glasses and feel proud about supporting a creative but natural product that looks amazing.

Wood frame Eyewear
Loch RX21 shades and can be made into prescription shades

Insurance Benefits

With only a couple months left in the year 2020, now is the best time to take advantage of eye care benefits and unused health spending accounts. Many people wait too long and are scrambling to use of their benefits at the end of the year. Being proactive now means that you can take your time to shop and be happy with your eyewear purchases or get an eye exam done at your desired time. Here are nv eye care eye wear we can direct bill most insurance companies in order to make the purchase of eyewear easy for our patients.

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nv eye care & eye wear located at 698 Corydon Ave in Winnipeg, Canada

Eye Care at nv during COVID-19

Here at nv eye care & eye wear we are open for all your routine and emergent eye care. We will be limiting one patient/family in the office at a time. It is best to call ahead or email to ensure we are not busy helping someone else. Take a seat outside on our patio, until we are done helping our present patient, if you arrive at our office and the door is locked. Once our patient leaves, we then take the time to properly disinfect all surfaces that were touched by them.

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We are here for your eye care needs during these difficult times. Do not hesitate to call or email us at nv eye care & eye wear, if you have any questions. For more answers to your vision health questions, please contact me, Dr. Nadine Shelton at nv eye care eye wear, 204-504-6863.

Dr Nadine Shelton in a pair of wood frame Eyewear
Dr. Nadine Shelton, optometrist and owner of nv

The Owner

Dr. Nadine Shelton B.Sc, O.D. studied at University of Winnipeg, Canada and Indiana University, USA. She has worked abroad in Guanajuato, Mexico assisting outreach patient eye care with VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity). Her university days focused on early child eye care and low vision. Dr. Shelton has been practicing optometry for thirteen years in Winnipeg and has celebrated three years in her own practice with her partner Victor Lopes in the heart of the Corydon Village called nv eye care eye wear. nv is a full service optical where eye exams are available and a great selection of unique to the city eye wear can be found.  Learn more at nvmyeyes.com, call us at (204) 504-6863 or come see us at 100-698 Corydon Ave in Winnipeg, Canada.