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AM eyewear “Habib”
Paulino “Nazare” frames

The Dawson dress by When Freddie met Lily with Paulino “Nazare” frames

By Dr. Nadine Shelton

You wear glasses – Make your wedding dress and eye wear easy on your eyes

Be glamorous. Be Bold. Whether you wear glasses or not, wow all around you with a perfect frame that fits you from head to toe. It’s your big day! As I see it, most who wear glasses without hesitation, despite the effort will reach for their contacts on their day. It will be a long day, avoid the inevitable tired scratchy eyes and wear glasses. You will look amazing! After all, you probably bought new shoes and jewelry to go with your done up hair, nails and make up….why not add new glasses to the list?

Luisa Williams at Blue Willow Bridal (bluewillowbridal.ca) (1438 Corydon) opened her collection to us to give you some examples on how you can pair iconic eye wear shapes to bridal dress types. Consider these four points when shopping for your wedding dress and eye wear:

1) With a Mermaid style dress, consider going with a more dramatic or vintage style frame like a cat eye design. (We chose the half black/clear Paulino “Peidade” frame and the black Vinylize “Lola” cat eye frames to pair with the Lady Macbeth dress by Riki Dalal)

2) An A-line dress silhouette will go with any frame style, so feel free to add drama or go more subtle with your glasses. (The Dawson dress by When Freddie met Lily goes great with the subtle blue tint on the Paulino “Nazare” frames)

3) A shorter or shift style dress lends well to a bold frame or even a bold colour. (Check out the red Fellow Earthling “Billie” glasses with the Joy dress by Lea-Ann Belter)

4) A princess dress makes such a striking statement on its own that going for a more simple or lighter colour frame might be a better idea. (The elegance of Faith by Julie Vino is not over shadowed by the delicate AM eyewear “Habib” frame or the crystal pink “Placido” Paulino frame)

Coordinate your wedding colours into your frame choice, please ask us if the frame style you like comes in any other colours or relax and enjoy our space while you view the different colour options of the frames that grab your eye. We highly recommend to order your lenses with an Anti-glare coating to ensure the pictures you take on your day will turn out amazing. Be sure to speak with our Optician of the many options that are available.

No matter which glasses you choose, a frame purchased specifically for you wedding day will hold a special place in your heart!

Special thanks goes to Zohreh Gervais who modeled the wedding dress and eye wear for this piece.

Please call or see me at nv to explore the many options.

Paulino “Peidade” frame

Lady Macbeth dress by Riki Dalal with half black/clear Paulino “Peidade” frame


The Owner

Dr. Nadine Shelton B.Sc, O.D. studied at University of Winnipeg, Canada and Indiana University, USA. She has worked abroad in Guanajuato, Mexico assisting outreach patient eye care with VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity). Her university days focused on early child eye care and low vision. Dr. Shelton has spent almost nine years in South St.Vital growing her practice. She has recently opened her new own practice with her partner Victor Lopes in the heart of the Corydon Village called nv. nv is a full service optical where eye exams are available and a great selection of unique to the city eye wear can be found.  Learn more at nvmyeyes.com, call us at (204) 504-6863 or come see us at 100-698 Corydon Ave in Winnipeg, Canada.