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By Dr. Nadine Shelton

Eating with eye health in mind

Remember that conversation over the dinner table, way back when, we’re told to “eat your vegetables” because “it’s good for your eyes”? Keep reading, as we’ll get in to some of the truths of that statement. Understanding the reasons why particular foods are beneficial is key to making informed decisions in healthy food choices. The foods we eat directly impact the daily requirements our eyes to stay healthy. Eating specific types of food will help prevent diseases and other ailments that can deteriorate your eye health. Incorporating the following foods into your meal plans will be an assured way to help nourish your eyes:

  1. Kiwi- this high fibre fruit contains more vitamin C per gram than an orange and also contains the pigments zeaxanthin and lutein. This consequently acts as antioxidants in the retina (changes light to what our brains conceives as sight);
  2. Oysters- contain zinc which, play a role in protecting vision from disease and also omega-3 fatty acids which therefore help with dry eyes;
  3. Eggs- yolks are high in lutein and zeaxanthin and the fat in eggs boost our absorption of these compounds. They also contain vitamin A which, helps lower the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration (the macula is part of the retina that provides a sense of sharp detailed vision that one perceives);
  4. Red Peppers- contain vitamin A and C and also lutein and zeaxanthin. Peppers retain more vitamin C when raw. Hence, the body can absorb more of the lutein and zeaxanthin when they are stir-fried or roasted; and,
  5. Wheat germ- contains vitamin E which is essential for slowing the development of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Incorporate these fresh foods into your diet for good eye health

Eye Care Advice

Visit me, free of charge at nv eye care eye wear, to find out about more foods that can help your eyes. Or to learn more specifics on the ones I’ve suggested. Patient visits with eye concerns are always covered by Manitoba Health, for those with a Manitoba Health number. For more answers to your vision health questions, please contact me, Dr. Nadine Shelton at nv eye care eye wear, 204-504-6863.

The Owner

Dr. Nadine Shelton B.Sc, O.D. studied at University of Winnipeg, Canada and Indiana University, USA. She has worked abroad in Guanajuato, Mexico assisting outreach patient eye care with VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity). Her university days focused on early child eye care and low vision. Dr. Shelton has spent almost nine years in South St.Vital growing her practice. She has recently opened her new own practice with her partner Victor Lopes in the heart of the Corydon Village called nv. nv is a full service optical where eye exams are available and a great selection of unique to the city eye wear can be found.  Learn more at, call us at (204) 504-6863 or come see us at 100-698 Corydon Ave in Winnipeg, Canada.